2009 Royal Mint Britannia Four Coin Silver Proof Set


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The 2009 Royal Mint Silver Proof Britannia Collection comprises of four proof silver coins presented in a Royal Mint box. Each set comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. There were only 2500 of these sets issued and, therefore, these are both highly desirable and highly collectable.

The four Silver Britannias included in the the 2009 Royal Mint Silver Proof Britannia Collection are as follows:

  • £2 weighing 32.45g of 0.958 Silver
  • £1 weighing 16.22g of 0.958 Silver
  • 50p weighing 8.11g of 0.958 Silver
  • 20p weighing 3.24g of 0.958 Silver

* Limited Edition Presentation is the maximum number of coins presented in this specific style that will be issued. Maximum Coin Mintage varies from this figure.

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Weight 400 g