1993 Brilliant Uncirculated Set



1993 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Set

Brilliant Uncirculated Coins also known as BU, B.U. and B.UNC are manufactured to a higher standard than circulation coins or bullion coins. The dies used in the process are highly polished and are finished by hand.

Each die is given a consistent polished finish but without the frosting that is applied to proof coins.

Brilliant Uncirculated blanks are machine fed, rather than hand fed as in the manufacture of proof coins, at a speed of approximately 100 coins per hour.

This process offers a good amount of design detail but with a lower definition than is achieved with proof coins.

Brilliant Uncirculated coins are intended for entry level coin collections and can also be an ideal birthday gift or to mark a special year for you, a friend or a relative.

The first Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Set was produced in 1982 and a set has been produced each year up to the current year, 2018.

The number of coins in each Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Set differs dependant of the year and on the coins available at the time of release.

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Weight 250 g