1976 Proof Set



1976 Royal Mint Proof Coin Set

This 1976 Royal Mint Proof Coin Set is supplied by the Royal Mint and, as such, is a high quality product. This Proof Set comes in it’s original packaging, a light green case. The set consists of six coins, a fifty pence coin, a ten pence coin, a five pence coin, a two pence coin, a one pence coin and a half pence coin.

All proof coins are very special and are struck with highly polished dies that are prepared carefully prior to striking the coin. All proof coins are “struck” at least twice in order to deepen the relief and give the coins higher definition. When striking proof coins less pressure in used than on standard minted coins, and the dies are not used as often, which helps to achieve the fine detail of proof coins.

What an ideal present for that special occasion such as birthdays and anniversaries!

The Royal Mint have issued modern proof coin sets every year since 1970. The coins are often housed in acrylic cases to prevent any form of tampering resulting in damage to the coins. The proof sets come in cases with certificates of authenticity. Over the years the number of coins included in the sets has changed dramatically. for example early 1980’s sets contained a fifty pence coin, twenty pence coin, a ten pence coin, a five pence coin, a one pence coin and a half pence coin. In 1983 with the release of the one pound coin the face value of proof sets increased to £1.88 and again in 1986 an increase was made to £3.88 with the introduction of the two pounds coin. This has continued to change over the years with the introduction of new coinage.

Over the course of time the Royal Mint has introduced a number of variations of the proof set. Currently a standard proof set, deluxe proof set, executive proof set and premium proof set are produced each year.

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Weight 250 g